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Wildfulness 2 - Nature Sounds for Stress Relief 1.3

Wildfulness 2 brings lifelike sounds to your device to help you take the edge off. After a long, difficult work day, it’s not easy to unwind once you get home. Sometimes, you drink a cup of coffee, or watch your favorite programs or videos. But for

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Foody - Food & Symptom Tracker 1.5.1

Register your food, and subsequent symptoms, whenever you want. Sometimes we know that the food we eat isn’t exactly healthy. For those who want to lose weight, or at least check out how their diet is affecting them, Foody lets you to keep a track

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GOLD'S AMP: Cardio Coaching 2017.10.06

Over 50 years of Gold’s Gym fitness expertise combined with easy-to-use technology and a custom music library gives you an audio coaching app experience that puts fitness at your fingertips and lets you take it anywhere. Our original workouts are created

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Transform with Chris and Heidi 2.0.3

Chris & Heidi Powell, trainers and hosts of the worldwide hit TV show ‘Extreme Weight Loss,’ have developed the most complete transformation experience ever created. Now they want to coach you, day-by-day, through your own transformation! Whether you w

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Baby Genie All In One Pregnancy App 2.1.1

The Baby Genie All-In-One Pregnancy App offers a wide range of free tools and features to help you during pregnancy, parenthood and more! Below are just some of the pregnancy tools and features available in the Baby Genie All-In-One Pregnancy App... Fi

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Breathe in 1.4

A lovely app with simple exercises to help you breathe consciously. Find your space, set the timer, and relax. Breathing consciously can be a wonderful tool to help you relax, reduce stress and anxiety, sleep better, and live a mindful life. Take a coupl

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Ask Tia 1.0.9

Tia is a personal, private chat-based women's health advisor that you message with about birth control and sexual health. Made by a team of women’s health experts, Tia knows you, learns you, and is your go-to for all those "ugh!" , "oops...", and "huh?" m

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Sezzy Timer by Sarah's Day 1.2

THE OFFICIAL SEZZY TIMER for Sarah's Day eBook - Sweat it to Shred it! Easy to follow timer for all 3 eBook workouts: 1. Sweaty Shredder 2. Toning Power 3. 10 Min Blaster Listen to Sarah’s instructions or watch the prompts on your screen to guide you

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Sounds Asleep 1.1

Sounds Asleep provides the soothing sound of a fan to help you fall asleep with calming white noise. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, the constant ambient sound of our white noise can help create a soothing background throughout the n

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Biostrap 1.1.2

Biostrap is the most advanced multi-device wearable technology platform for monitoring your health. Using the Biostrap wristband and shoeclip, you can track your full-body activities and biometric data throughout the day. DEEP BIOMETRIC INSIGHTS: Using o

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