Math Fact Master 5.1

Quotes from recent reviews: • "I am a teacher. I love this app! You thought of everything and put it in simple form..." • "As a teacher & parent, I think this is the Best Math Fact App yet. It has all 4 operations and allows you to choose exactly which #

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Duckie Deck Homemade Orchestra 1.2

"Duckie Deck Homemade Orchestra is a wonderful introduction to musical exploration for young ones!" - 5/5 "Colourful and fun, easy to use for little fingers" - Sarah DeBellis, Special Education Teacher Playing a musical instrument is fun,

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Learn Music Notes Sight Read 1.67

Excellent app for improving music skills! Learn music notes and sight reading using real instruments like piano, guitar, violin or your own voice! You can also use buttons with note names or virtual piano keyboard. Great educational app for beginners or

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Raven for BCPS One 2.1.3

Access all student features and external content through a simple app, directly on your phone! Raven has a very easy-to-use interface to browse through your Baltimore County school's learning management system (Schoology®), as well as links to available t

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Rainbow Lake Middle School 7.3.0

With the Rainbow Lake Middle School mobile app, your school district comes alive with the touch of a button. Easily navigate through current news and events or check out the latest updates with social media like Facebook and Twitter. Quickly retrieve cont

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In 24 Hours Learn Italian 1.8

This is the newest and perhaps the most effective app for you to learn how to speak Italian in 24 hours! This app provides students, tourists, explorers or businessmen with an audiovisual learning experience on how to speak the Italian language. Doing b

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4th Grade Math Games for Kids 5.5.0

We make math fun & engaging. Over 20 Million kids use the Splash Math program to Boost Confidence, Increase Scores & Get Ahead in Math. Splash Math is a comprehensive and curriculum aligned math program which reinforces math concepts using self-paced an

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Mensa Annual Gathering 2018 16.1.0

Your complete guide to the Annual Gathering, the Mensa AG 2018 app connects attendees in myriad ways: • view programming • navigate the hotel • schedule favorite speakers/programs • stay current with push notifications • plug into social media. The Mens

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Bergen Community College 1.0

Bergen Community College Building Finder is designed to help community members, students, faculty and visitors find their away around the BCC campus and get building information.

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iRedstone 9.0

Are you ready to discover a whole new experience-level of playing Minecarft? »iRedstone« contains many step-by-step instructions offering more than 1300 screenshots. You will get fascinating insights into the amazing world of redstone - a must-have for e

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