Arcade & Action

Charming Runes 1.401

True to its name, you’ll find a charming take on the brick breaker genre. Instead of throwing bubbles to burst them, you’ll be throwing pickaxes to cut through blocks inside of a cave and unlock charming runes. Available for the Android and i

Free Size: :118M

10 Pin Shuffle Bowling 2.12

Choose your game and master it by playing it continuously. 10 Pin Shuffle™ Bowling is a fun application that consists of three games which you can choose: The first is Shuffleboard, where you play with a friends or the machine, trying blast each oth

Free Size: :46M

The Spearman 1.0.9

No tutorial, no extra modes, and sadly enough, no fun at all. Thrown into the middle of a spear fight, you’re armed only with your spear at hand. In The Spearman, it’s up to you to wipe out incoming enemies. Once you get started, you’ll

Free Size: :137M

Skyward 1.41.0

Guide yourself a bit closer to the sky. Before you quickly discard this game because it looks way too similar to another popular game, you might want to give it a chance. Skyward is, ironically, pretty original when it comes to its gameplay. What do you

Free Size: :31M

Follow The Line 2 1.8

A simple finger-runner game with obstacles. Follow the Line 2 diverts from the first game by changing the trail to little symbols. The obstacles come at you in various shapes. Each path is randomly generated, so no two paths are alike. For the Follow the

Free Size: :125M

Super Smash the Office 1.1.14

Who doesn't want to break everything in their office?. In Super Smash the Office, you have to create endless destruction by quite literally beating the office and the robot guards before making your way out of the room. THE PROS This is definitely o

Free Size: :104M

The Vikings 1.0.1

Throw your axe to kill your enemy. The Vikings is a very simple game but so funny. You play as Viking, who is a ferocious Scandinavian warrior. You have to throw axes to your enemies to kill them. Just tap on the screen and pull to aim and release to thr

Free Size: :215M

LINE PokoPoko 1.6.0

A simple puzzle with many levels ahead. Line PokoPoko is a popular puzzle game featuring colorful blocks which need to be matched. Navigate through the different stages and reach the target in every new level. Remember that you can purchase special items

Free Size: :238M

LINE Dozer 1.7.3

Play this simple game and enjoy getting rich. LINE Dozer is a classic and enjoyable entertainment for users of LINE. How to play? Tap the screen to drop a coin at the right time so they get pushed off the screen, trying to collect as many as possible and

Free Size: :207M

Pixel Rush 1.1.1

A 2D endless sidescroller. Pixel Rush tries to bring back memories from many years ago, when arguably games were all like this which now concerns us. Pixel Rush is nothing else than a 2D sidescroller with 8bit graphics, a canned midi-like soundtrack and a

Free Size: :14M