Arcade & Action

Hovercrash 1.3.1

Swipe at just the right time in this high-speed, challenging racing game. When I first played Hovercrash, I was instantly reminded of another classic high-speed racer: F-Zero. Although you won’t face off against other racers here, and right after c

Free Size: :71M

Cooking Fever 2.5.1

A fun management game with an excellent design of graphics. Cooking Fever is a thrilling time management game for those who enjoy managing their tasks and being organized players. The final objective of this game is making sure all your clients are happy

Free Size: :109M

Crossy Road 1.5.9

An endless arcade hopper made of blocks. Hispter Whale's Crossy Road is a revision of a classic game: the frogger game (or frog cross game). Gameplay is still the same: you have to make animals cross roads and rivers dodging cars and other obstacles.

Free Size: :200M

Boom Beach 32.87

An addictive war management game with well-crafted scenarios. Welcome to Boom Beach, a strategy management game where you're in war against the Blackguard. Firstly, we'd recommend to follow the tutorial and get familiar with the app's surro

Free Size: :149M

Dunk Nation 3X3 1.1.0

Become the best 3v3 basketball player in the world. It’s time to show the whole world who truly rules the court. Welcome to Dunk Nation 3V3. After going through the game’s quick tutorial, you’ll head onto the court in short PvP matches.

Free Size: :402M

Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes Lite 1.1.0

Cartoon Wars 2 is the perfect sequel for Gamevil's tower-defense saga. Cartoon Wars is becoming a phenomenon. It's doodle-like graphics, original gameplay and (already) million of players have consolidated it as one of the best Android games. Bi

Free Size: :39M

Bubble Blast Rescue 1.0.10

Throw bubble blast and protect the other bubbles. Bubble Blast Rescue is a fun game where the goal is to rescue the bubbles who are kept hostage in an island. Your task will be throwing Bubble Blast at enemies and try to make them fall into the sea. This

Free Size: :83M

Super Mega Worm Lite 2.0.4

If blood doesn't bother you, this game will make you laugh out loud.. If you can handle the blood, this game is a lot of fun to play and even more fun to teach to someone else. THE PROS This is a fun game that really benefits from the retro style of

Free Size: :88M

StickBo Zombies 1.11

StickBo Zombies is a shoot'em up featuring a zombie invasion in a doodle world. Poor stickmen and stickwomen, they've also been invaded by stickzombies. Fortunately for them, there's one stickman ready to blow them up. A doodle Rambo, armed

Free Size: :9M

ActionPotato 1.2.1

Catch the potatoes and avoid the rotten ones. ActionPotato is a really simple game where the goal is to catch as many flying potatoes as you can with the cans. The potatoes come from the right side and the way of catching them is simply to tap on the righ

Free Size: :5M